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What to do in Samet

Koh Samet is a sweet little island that serves the sole purpose of being a beach vacation. If you want to swim in pristine waters, lay in the sun and enjoy a BBQ and fire show on the beach in the evening then Koh Samet is for you.

There is a plentiful range of accommodation types from 5 star down to budget. 

It is located only 220km from the Capital and so is a popular weekend retreat for many Bangkok Thais.  You can get to Samet via the regular ferries from Ban Phe Pier and also private speed boats. 

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Dan about Thailand Vlog Reviews of Samet:

  • Good beaches and BBQ!

Things to do:

1. Hire a motorbike and explore the island

Samet is a joy to explore on bike with lush, green vegetation and being so small the sea is seemingly always in sight. Daily rental varies but expect to pay around 300 baht per day.

2. Sit on the beach and enjoy a Som Tam!

Samet lends itself well to just relaxing and soaking up the suns ray. On the main beaches like Sai Kaew and Wongduan there are plenty of food vendors walking up and down the beach. Nothing quite beaches some BBQ chicken, Som Tam and sticky rice whilst on the beach!

3. Party Scene

There are two good locations to visit if you enjoy the nightlife and it stretches between Sai Kaew and Ao Phai. Ao Phai is popular with the backpackers so has a good vibe about it. Don’t expect an all-nighter on Samet but there is enough going on to have some fun.

4. Seeking Solitude

Head to the more southern locations of Samet for peace and quiet. Locations like Sai Kaew can get quite busy in peak seasons, which is fine if you like this, but there is alternative options. 


5. Kayak

Kayaking around parts of Samet is a nice way to explore sections of the island. Rental rates vary and you can expect hourly and daily rates offered. 

Local Reference Websites for Samet:

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