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What to do in Nan

Nan is a rural province in northern Thailand bordering Laos, known for its numerous national parks. The vast Doi Phu Kha National Park, in the northeast of the province, contains waterfalls, limestone mountains and rare plants.

If you are looking to see a more traditional side of Thailand, then this is the place for you. There are daily flights from Bangkok’s Dong Muang airport.

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  • Exploring the Nan province in Northern Thailand

Things to do:

1. Nan Noble House

The Noble House is the home of Chao Fong Kham, whose lineage of Chao Ananta Worarithidet, the 62th ruler of Nan.  The Noble House is over 200 years old. You can see many examples of how life once was for Thais many, many years ago. 

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2. Temples

There are numerous very beautiful temples in the province of Nan.

3. Nan National Museum 

The museum has two floors, with the ground floor being devoted to the province’s ethnic groups, and the first floor displaying exhibits on Nan history and architecture. The ethnic groups represented are the northern Thais, Thai Lue, Htin, Khamu, Mabri, Hmong and Mien.

In addition, you will also find fine specimens of textiles, utensils and tribal costumes, as well as silverwork of historical significance. In the second floor, you will find exhibits that deal with Nan history, such as royal regalia, ceramics, weapons that were used in battles as well as temple art and architectural styles. In fact this floor is divided into two sections, with the predominant one being the main hall used by the lords of Nan as their royal court.

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4. Nan Riverside Art Museum

A Large building Upstairs, exhibits Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn‘s personal paintings. The princess Sirindhorn was there 3 times for inauguration ceremony, and displaying of arts gallery from other artists. 

Moreover, there are spaces for new generation artists, with not too large size, and small number of artworks to display in the gallery and other services area, such as souvenir shop, coffee shop, and ground area to show sculptures, music, and real photos during important events.

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5. Bantailue Café


One of the best scenic coffee shops you can ever expect to see. If you want an opportunity to take some great photos with your family, then this is a must visit. The coffee is also very affordable.

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6. Nan Night Market


This is Nan’s biggest night market that is located near Wat Bhumin. Here you can buy local produce, clothes and souvenirs for super low prices. There is also a large area where people sit on the floor and listen to live music. This is a charming yet very big market to discover and is highly recommended! 

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