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What to do in Koh Tao

Koh Tao is close to Koh Phangan and Koh Samui and you can over between these islands via a regular ferry service. It is arguably one of the most beautiful islands on Thailand. 

Koh Tao is very popular with scuba divers and snorkelers and is famed for its tropical coral reefs, with species including whale sharks and rays. The island is not only best discovered renting a motorbike – it is the only way – as there are no taxis on the island.

If you visit this island you are in for a treat – it is stunning. Don’t forget to hire a cheap taxi boat service to visit the nearby Nangyaun island.

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Things to do:

1. Nangyaun Island

It is a tiny island with a very narrow beach with water either side. It is one of the most unusual and prettiest islands you will visit anywhere in the world. Make sure you take the trek up the mountain to get that perfect photo opportunity!

2. Scuba Diving

There are lots of different scuba diving schools all across the island and prices are very reasonable. Many also cater for casual snorkelers. There is significant coral around Koh Tao so you will be in for a treat.

3. Party 

Koh Tao is very popular with young back packers and so if you want to hit the livelier part to the island then check out Sairee Beach. More information on place to party in Koh Tao check out https://traveltriangle.com/blog/koh-tao-nightlife/

4. Dining

Sairee is the liveliest location on the island and has a vast array of places to eat and drink. Away from this location it is quite common, strangely, to find many small baguette/sandwich shops – catering to the young divers visiting the island. You can also eat very cheaply from the many Thai diners on the island. Because the island caters for a lot of back packers and divers, it means the restaurant prices seem a bit lower than what you may find on other islands. 

5. Beaches

This is where Koh Tao excels as there are many different bays you can visit and all with sandy coastlines and pristine clear waters. Do take your snorkel where ever you go – as there is an abundance of fish to discover. 


image: Sairee beach is one of many beautiful beaches to discover on Koh Tao

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