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What to do in Koh Chang

Ko Chang, is the third largest Thai island in the Gulf of Thailand, and although popular with tourists it has maintained its rugged charm. It boasts hiking trails and waterfalls such as tiered Klong Plu, covers the interior and extends to offshore coral reefs. 

The coast is dotted with beaches and villages including Bang Bao, built on piers. Hat Tha Nam (aka Lonely Beach) has a waterfront party scene that attracts backpackers.

Don’t forget to check out East Koh Chang as it adds a different dimension to your Koh Chang experience. It is the quieter side of the island that boasts lush vegetation – Long beach is like Thailand beaches used to be, just stunning!

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Things to do:

1. Lonely Beach

Beach popular with backpackers featuring white sand, palm trees, calm water and a festive atmosphere. A wonderful place to have fun in the evening – you should try the Himmel Cocktail bar!


2. Bang Boa Pier

No visit to Koh Chang is complete without a walk along Bang Bao pier. A chance to pick up your souvenirs, enjoy something to eat and even book a boat trip.

3. Blue Haven Bay

Covers an extensive beautiful coast line just 5-minutes from the ferry. Still many visitors to the island are unaware of this area yet it is a must visit. The bay is a mixture of natural beauty, marina, restaurants, hotels and resorts. To experience arguably the best vantage point to watch the sunrise, head to their pier. Find out more about the location visit www.bluehavenbay.com


4. White Sands Beach

White Sands is the busiest area on the island and in addition to a far stretching sandy coastline it has plenty to do in the evening.  Head to the Sabay bar to watch a fire show on the beach!

5. Salakphet Mangrove Walkway

We added this as it’s an unknown attraction to 95% of all visitors. You will need to drive around 30km from the ferry along the East side of the island but it’s well worth the trip. Parking is 20 baht and the mangrove walk will take around 45-minutes to see it all.

6. Trekking

The best way to discover Koh Chang’s nature and wildlife is a trek in the jungle with an experienced guide. There are different treks to choose from, some of which are more than 24hours and warrant a night in the jungle.

Do not do these treks without a guide as there are poisonous spiders and venomous snakes. 

7. Beaches

“Koh Chang beaches are, almost exclusively, spread out along the west coast, with two large mountains at either end. The principal area is White Sand Beach, by far the most developed and touristy, though not on the scale of the main spots in Phuket or indeed Koh Samui. Lonely Beach has become the main draw for the backpackers and party crowd, Klong Prao Beach, the longest stretch of sand, attracts a generally older crowd with its large resorts and quiet atmosphere, whilst Kai Bae Beach is a little bit of everything, touristy, backpacker and family friendly.” 

(source: https://explorekohchang.com/koh-chang/beaches/)

8. Waterfalls

“Klong Plu, on the west coast, is by far the most popular and the one most visited by tourists…However there are six other waterfalls which are worth your time.  Some are better if you want to save money and avoid the 200 Baht National Park entrance fee, others if you want a bit of an adventure.” (source: https://iamkohchang.com/activities/koh-chang-waterfalls.html)


9. Dining

Koh Chang offers dining for all tastes and budgets. Lots of local Thai food areas across the island. Popular international diners include:

  • 15 Palms beachfront restaurant, Paddys Palm Irish Pub and Steakhouse and Taste of Indian in White Sands
  • Filou cocktail lounge, El Barrio and Wine Gallery in Kai Bae
  • The Buddha View restaurant on Bang Bao pier
  • Crust Bakery in Klong Prao

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