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The Erawan Falls near Kanchanaburi

By Meanwhile in Thailand

A sole passenger in a mini-van to Kanchanaburi

Visiting the Erawan Falls is the last destination of my Thailand journey. At the tourist office, it appears that I am the only one who wants to travel from Ayutthaya to Kanchanaburi by mini-van today. I am on my guard, the driver hardly speaks English, so I regularly look at the road signs, but everything turns out to be correct. I arrive in the city after precisely two hours.

Worn out room with a discount

The mini-van driver drops me off at an affiliated guesthouse, hoping to catch some commission for that, but I have set my mind on another place to stay, which is located next door. Fan rooms here cost little, but I find them rather desolate. I like the air-conditioned rooms better, so I take one of them, even though it is a bit worn out. Because I immediately book four nights, I get a nice discount.

Tours on offer but easy to visit on your own
During check-in, three youngsters hand out leaflets for excursions in the area. I kindly say that I will go through them all, but I know that everything I want to see here is entirely possible to visit on my own. The chances are small that I will book any tour with them.

Crossing the Death Railway Bridge over the Kwai river

I eat a nice tuna baguette before I leave for the famous Death Railway Bridge over the river Kwai (or: Kwae in phonetic Thai); it is a 2-kilometer walk from where I am staying. Once there, the place is stacked with Japanese and Taiwanese. You can freely cross the bridge on foot via a narrow aisle between the rail tracks. Quite tricky with all those oncoming traffic. I wonder if anybody ever fell into the water. While I am still on the trails, a (tourist) train passes by, at walking pace, a necessity with all those pedestrians on the bridge. Some people only make room at the last moment.

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