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Bus Travel in Thailand – Vacation Tips

Bus travel in Thailand is one of the lesser-known ways for tourists and expats to get around the country. Since we don’t take the bus very often in our own countries, it is also not our first thought here. But for most Thai people it is the best way to get around at the lowest cost, and it is the same for foreigners. For tourists, it’s a great way to see more of the country during your vacation. For expats, it’s an economical alternative to driving or flying. The key to bus travel in Thailand during your vacation is to get all the right timetable information for where you are going. This is easy to do and you will enjoy your trip so much more when you leave the driving to them!

Why use Bus Travel during your Thailand Vacation
Bus travel to almost everywhere in Thailand is very easy from anywhere, especially from Bangkok. All major cities, provincial capitals, and most small towns have a bus terminal. The Government subsidized bus line “BKS” has the best busses and services and are the most safe and reliable. Buses are very cheap in Thailand. A one-way ticket from Bangkok to Khon Kaen, for example, is only 400 Baht. Long-distance trips like this always have a 20 min. rest stop, and water and snacks are provided. Riding a major bus line is also much safer than driving yourself, and you won’t get stopped at police checkpoints. There are very few bus accidents in Thailand. Buses also offer convenience. They go places where you can’t fly, saves you money, and often saves you time as well.


Five reasons to Travel by Bus in Thailand

1 – Busses in Thailand are Cheap!
The bus from Bangkok to Pattaya is only 120 Baht ($4.00 USD). It is 1,300+ by taxi, and driving there yourself costs 600+ in gas and tolls. To Koh Samui, the bus is only 1,000 baht including the ferry to the island. To Chiang Mai its 700 each way. The bus I regularly take from Bangkok to Nong Bua Daeng in Isaan, a distance of 350 km, is only 300 baht. These prices are impossible to beat. The price of long-distance travel by bus also includes a meal at the rest stop, snacks, and water. What a deal!

2 – The bus goes everywhere.
Every town and city in Thailand has a bus terminal. Sometimes that means just a small shelter, but in all towns & cities over 10,000 people, there is a proper bus station with staff. This is great compared to flying, and especially important if you are going home or to family in the country. Often times the nearest airport is nowhere near where you are going, even it is a district capital.

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